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New to myPayNJTA? We’ll help you quickly and easily pay an Insufficient Funds Slip transaction.

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  • What if I can't find my ISF Slip? plus-icon minus-icon

    ISF slips should become available for payment within 12 hours of issue. If you are still unable to locate and pay your ISF slip, please contact NJTA Customer Service by emailing, or by calling (732) 750-5300 ext 8750.
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  • Can I make a partial payment on myPayNJTA? plus-icon minus-icon

    It is not possible to make a partial payment towards an Insufficient Funds Slip on myPayNJTA.  See How to Pay an Insufficient Funds (ISF) Slip to make your payment in full.
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  • Can I pay multiple ISF Slips at once? plus-icon minus-icon

    Yes! You can pay up to three ISF slips in one transaction. Once you have located a slip, you will be asked if you want to Proceed to cart or Find another receipt.  Click Find another receipt to look for another ISF slip.
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